Tesse has worked in Europe (the Netherlands, Greece, Switzerland, and Denmark), Africa (South Africa and West Africa), the United States, Australia as well as the United Kingdom.
While Tesse is interested in processes, she is focused on enabling leaders, communities, groups and individuals to achieve results. She works with a range of clients – both those which are family instituted and loosely organised groups (eg. community groups or self-help groups which are part of a larger membership
A sample of organisations worked with:
• ActionAid International (www.actionaid.org): Worked with ActionAid International over a one-year period. The extensive assignment involved working with the International Board, the Chair, the Chief Executive, individual Trustees and members of the Secretariat. The assignment involved international travel to work at grass root level in different countries. Tessé ran workshops in Brazil, South Africa, Greece, the Netherlands and London. The review resulted in workshops for Chairs and Treasurers which were delivered in South Africa, updates to the Governance Manual, a range of new Board policies and a restructuring of the way governance was carried out. Governance practices and approaches were discussed and agreed with the different associate member groups. The review also led to the development of a global assembly to encourage collaboration across the ActionAid family.
• BoardSource (www.boardsource.org): Utilising funding from the Ford Foundation, Tessé was commissioned by BoardSource to undertake an evaluation of its founding for infrastructure work in West and Central Africa). The evaluative process led to BoardSource making adaptations to its global governance support programme.
• WaterAid (www.wateraid.org/wateraid_international/): Worked with WaterAid International to review its governance arrangements. Working with an International Board resulted in recommendations, one of which led to the establishment of an international entity to support its global reach.
• Council for World Mission (www.cwmission.org) – a partnership of churches in mission: Designed a governance update programme and an international diversity programme. Resulted in a vibrant discussion and agreement about participation and engagement of people from different backgrounds, with different experiences and perspectives from across the world.
• International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) (www.ippf.org): Worked with the Governance Leadership Team to develop a programme of support for its Council. Integrated this into the volunteer strategy based on an evaluation of volunteer engagement.
• The Centre for Philanthropy, Bermuda (www.centreonphilanthropy.org):Tessé designed a package to show the benefits of Boards using a coaching approach to enable leadership. As a result of the presentation some of the participants went on to become professional coaches while others sought more coaching training. Tesse also worked with a colleague, Carol Weisman, to present leadership strategies and tips to an academy – this was particularly aimed at reaching young leaders (aged 12-16).
• Karen Woo Foundation (www.karenwoofoundation.org):Tesse worked with the Board of Karen Woo Foundation which was set up three years ago. The charity was set up by Karen Woo’s family following her death 3 years ago. She was a doctor and was murdered on an aid mission in Afghanistan. It is a grant-making charity and has no staff, so Trustees have to do everything themselves. The facilitated exercise resulted in an action plan.


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