Two stands to ‘New’. Lets go for it!

Tesse AkpekiI am sometimes unclear about when to stop saying ‘happy new year’.  Last year someone told me, at the end of January it is best to stop this seasonable compliment.

Two different Greek words  exist for the English word new. Neos refers to something that has recently come into existence, such as a new year. It hadn’t existed before and is brand-new. Kainos speaks of something being renewed rather than brand-new. It contains the idea that there was something “before” that is now coming into the fullness of its true reality.

It is kainos that raises the concept of “new” to a different level, for example to describe or create the future.  In each case, the idea of “new” is that it’s something that previously existed and is now being recreated and restored so that it can be all it was meant to be.

Living out this new future is possible by the goals, targets and purpose we set out before us.  At the end of 2015, what is it that we would have liked to happen?  What is it that we no longer wish for?     It is encouraging that we can do new things, but we can also achieve significant improvements by refreshing or reviving what we already have or hold.  For you what falls into this category?

Great Coaching builds Great Boards

Great coaching builds great boardsCoached Leaders help others grow. There is a huge difference in results produced by coached boards and those that are not.

Highly effective coaching increases the effectiveness of boards. By providing the Chair and board members with new skills and frameworks for growing and developing the Organisation and the chief executive, leaders can have a profound effect on the improvement of the organisation.

This can show up in different ways, such as:

  • Chances to network with other organisations that are passionate about professional development and learning and this includes coaching.
  • Exploring and implementing new and exciting ways of delivering the mission. This leads to an increase in satisfaction and motivation
  • Higher levels of membership engagement, participation and commitment, as the dialogue becomes more robust and people feel listened to, heard and valued .

The key is for any board who wishes to embrace coaching to grasp its responsibility for developing more effective leaders, improving productivity and engagement and enhancing the performance of the organisation. Schedule coaching sessions in order to make coaching a priority, otherwise it will slip down the list of things to do.

Add the following details:

• When (add to calendar)
• Where (location map, direction, weather). Coaching sessions can also take place online.
• Planner – any action plans that need to be followed through (add to the coaching itinerary ).

Never too young to Step Out and Coaching can Help…

never too young

Never Too Young

I have been really inspired by this young boy who led the service in our church.   He was confident, committed and charismatic.  What has helped?  The vision of the pastor to get the young engaged as early as possible. Coaching and mentoring makes a difference and it can provide support at any age.  More than anything it is a win-win all the way round.