heights-you-can-soarDealing with difficult situations

Are you being undermined and unsure of how to deal with it? Do you crave respect? You wish to be valued and appreciated? You would like your work to take priority and not be pushed to the back of the queue because other people feel their work is more important than yours. How do you communicate your needs? If is even more difficult when you are new to your role and there is a set formula about how things should be done. How can you introduce new ideas and fresh understanding of how things can be done?

At times such as this, it is so important to be able to understand yourself and understand others. In change situations it sometimes does not matter who gets the credit – provided the change happens. Being in difficult situations can also alert us to parts of ourselves that we need to shut down.

Here in this audio clip, Tesse Akpeki of Tesse Akpeki Associates Ltd outlines the role of a Facilitator.

Download – the ” Facilitator ” audio clip here