Governance – Induction Pack

All new trustees need to know about your organisation, how it operates and their roles and responsibilities as trustees. A useful induction pack could include:

  • governing document.
  • recent board papers/minutes and dates of next meetings
  • terms of reference for committees, sub-committees and working groups.
  • annual report & accounts.
  • policy documents, including equal opportunities and financial controls.
  • expenses policy (a sample expenses policy is provided at the end of this chapter).

Information about the organisation

  • brief history of the organisation.
  • mission statement.
  • structure of the organisation – committees, sub-committees, working groups, user groups, staff and volunteers.
  • annual report & accounts.
  • staff structure and chief executive’s job description.
  • business/strategic plans and/or work programme.
  • details of how your organisation fits into the voluntary sector, including affiliation to other organisations, membership of networks such as NCVO, special relationships with other voluntary organisations, etc.
  • information about premises.
  • information about premises.
  • newsletters and publicity.

Information about the trustee’s role

  • job description/person specification.
  • code of conduct.
  • profiles of trustees and contact details.
  • a manual such as The Good Trustee Guide giving guidance on roles and responsibilities of trustees.
  • a self-assessment form to indicate skills, experience, interests and support needs, eg. pairing, debriefing meetings, etc.

Induction Pack Checklist
Select those relevant to your organisation

Key documents Include
Governing document
Latest report and accounts
Minutes of recent board meetings
Copy of the Charity Commission’s Responsibilities of Charity Trustees
Good Governance: a Code for the Voluntary and Community Sector
Other documents/information Include
Key policies, eg. code of conduct, conflict of interest, financial controls and human resources
History of the organisation
Organisational structure
Chief Executive Officer role description and person specification
Statement of ethos and values
Business, strategic or work plans
Newsletters, publicity material
Board and committee structures
Dates and agendas for forthcoming board meetings
Names and contact details of other board members

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