Governance – Practical Approach

Practical approaches to help Working out how things are linked to the board Using facilitation to engender better communication Learning from other organisations (Benchmark best practice) Introducing new trustees to the workings of the organisation, the board, the staff and volunteers Reviewing terms of reference for committees – eg changing audit committee terms of reference Succession Planning
Seeing what is real – what are people doing? How does this fulfil the mission and vision of the organisation Choosing the opportune moments – celebrating success, seizing opportunities to grow and develop Having an effectiveness review

Collective reflections [In a box]

Exercise One
Use of appreciative enquiry: Remember a time when “it” was a success
What were you thinking?
How were you feeling?
How were you feeling?
What made it successful?
Note 3 things you found valuable (a) for the organisation (b) for the board (c) for you

Exercise Two:
Appreciative inquiry for increasing engagement and participation
What turns you on or turns you off in relation to engagement and participation
Board inclusion: boards increasing representation on the board
The nature of the discussion
Learning from others
Being creative
Design strategies that can lead you to more (rather than less) engagement (eg how can you attract a wider range of people)?
Getting it right – marking milestones – looking forward, while taking note of what has worked in the past and learning from what has not gone so well.


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