Coaching – Going from Worst to First

Going from Worst to First: Six Questions for Better Coaching

Well renowned coach, Martha Goldsmith, emphasises the importance of focusing a two-way dialogue that focuses on each player going to help each other. A respectful and trusting relationship will increase the probability that the process will work. There must be mutual responsibility. The coaching relationship and process must be tailored to each unique situation.
1. Where are we going?

Focus on understanding disagreements and respecting differences of opinion.
2. Where are you going?

Achieve alignment of vision, goals and priorities.
3. What is going well?

Significantly, good news must not be missed. A coaching environment creates opportunities to understand positive aspects of performance that would otherwise be missed. The supportive climate provides positive recognition for achievement.
4. What are key suggestions for improvements?

What are the key opportunities for improvement? There should be constructive suggestions for the future. A seldom-asked great question is that “If you were your own coach, what suggestions would you have for yourself?”. Do the original coaching suggestions need to be modified?
5. How can I help?

Asking the right questions is key to effective coaching. Exploring situations using in incisive questioning can help make the most effective use of limited time. The coachee can also be empowered, “Do you feel this approach will help you become more effective?”.
6. What suggestions do you have for me?

Focus on improving 1-2 key behaviours. Cover the most important behaviours on a regular basis. The process provides a simple discipline to give what all they players need.
The Keys

• The person being coached needs to want to be coached.
• The person coaching needs to take responsibility to be responsive and helpful.
• Both the coach and the coachee need to have a good partnership. It should be mutually respective, supportive and continuously developing.
• Needs to be linked to agreed goals and targets. A target such as to have a better quality of ‘downtime’, rest and relaxation counts.

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