Leadership – Feedback: A Building Block For Effective Leadership

Feedback – a building block for effective leadership

How many of us are skilful about giving feedback? How are we with receiving feedback? I thinking particularly of that kind of feedback that tells us that we are not doing a good job. How can we tailor feedback for effective leadership?

In one of our sessions a participant shared that it depends of the type of feedback. She give feedback by email and verbally. She finds that she fares better when giving face to face feedback. She also finds that she is better at receiving positive feedback.

What Can Help?

Stay with the purpose – the goal of giving the feedback – what needs to be achieved to address any concerns?
Set smart objectives/goals – Specific, Measureable, Achievable (attainable), Results-focused (or relevant), Time-bound (or timely). Some people make them SMARTER – E – Evaluated R– Reviewed and others add an S-Satisfactory (Strategic)

Learn from what has not gone well
  • Be constructive
  • Build trust
  • Avoid hubris
  • Having the conversation you need to have in a way that you achieve the result you want and the other person feels respected and listened to

Different channels (Discussion points):
Receiving feedback: how do I feel when I am hearing feedback?
Giving feedback: How do I feel about giving feedback to each other

One of the participants said “If I receive feedback I see it as a point of learning and improvement”



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