About Tesse

Working with Governance in a Dynamic Way that Brings Results

Tessé Akpeki is passionate about working with organisations, groups and individuals to achieve their highest potential and to create futures that make a difference. In addition Tesse has written in several national and international publications. If interested in receiving a FREE REPORT ON BOARDROOM BEHAVIOURS Click here to subscribe to my mailing list
Tesse is able to:

  • negotiate the space between theory and practice;
  • be sensitive to cultural differences and works with Boards, staff, volunteers and communities to negotiate the spaces they need to, in order to achieve what they want;
  • tailor policies, procedures and training to different situations which empowers, enables and supports groups, individuals, Boards and communities;
  • recognise that there is no template to achieve something new, so is accepting of the need for flexibility, responsiveness, adaptability, alignment and outcome focus;
  • work with groups, communities of interest, Boards, volunteers and staff to determine what they need and is able to facilitate dialogue and conversations that brings clarity to how they get there and achieve impact; and
  • demonstrate a strong client focus, delivering an accessible and relevant service.


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