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The vision of Tesse Akpeki Associates Limited is to enable leadership that transforms, using simple and accessible tools and approaches. We believe that everyone can lead, young, old, able bodied, disabled, Black, Asian, White. We benefit from healthy role modelling, feeling secure, having a sense of belonging and being set up to succeed. Tesse Akpeki Associates Limited pulls together diverse strands of leadership, governance, management, coaching and membership. Tesse Akpeki Associates Limited takes a holistic approach to leadership, governance and management. This ensures that issues, concerns and solutions are not put in separate compartments but addressed in a way that brings lasting and sustainable results. To find more about the customised services please visit www.tesseakpeki.com. In a recent article in the Civic Society, Tesse blogged about the over reliance on the chief executive. A must read!!

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Current Governance and Leadership Thinking

Creating the Future (http://www.CreatingTheFuture.org):

Using an approach from Hildy Gottlieb, Tessé worked with a governing Board that was melting down and it is not only better, it is achieving excellence. Because of Tessé involvement, the Board was better able to focus on its vision and on its beneficiaries.

This is what the Chief Executive had to say:

“Tessé worked with the Board of Trustees to assist Trustees to overcome a number of disabling dynamics including significant levels of distrust. Tessé was very patient and persistent and assisted all the Trustees to engage in a process which proved very helpful. Her knowledge of how Board’s function, the particular challenges for membership organisations and charities, and her experience from working with many different Boards, were all evident in her approach. It was to her enormous credit that her work culminated in a session which engaged all Trustees and enabled them to feel their views were heard. Despite very considerable differences between the Trustees, Tessé skilfully remained an independent and a trusted voice to all sides. This was no mean achievement. The twelve months following her involvement have seen Trustees more committed to finding ways to work together and to building unity on the Board.
In practice this last 12 months have been a great improvement. We have appointed a Board Secretary who is wonderful and an enormous asset.
As ever we will be dependent on the elections. We currently have an excellent Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer and if all goes well and they are re-elected we will be OK for another twelve months.”
Julia Cruikshank, who works closely with Tessé, describes Tessé’s approach as:
“One that encourages participants’ involvement, while having respect for people’s approaches and feelings. Tessé tries to create a level playing field where everyone is encouraged to contribute, whether it is in relation to governance, leadership or a seminar on a specific issue. Using her extensive knowledge, style of speaking and her ability to bridge communities, Tessé enables people to come up with results that make a difference.”

What organisations witnessed as we’ve worked with them:

  • Increased participation at all levels, ie. the Board, the staff, volunteers and allied partners
  • Improvement in the quality of leadership.
  • Enhanced confidence that has increased outreach.
  • An encouragement to innovate – through problem solving, collaboration, strategic partnerships and strengthened communications skills.

Specific approach with a Board focus:
Tessé assists emerging organisations to develop bespoke governance models that support them and channel their passion. They are able to adopt a baseline of goals and standards using adaptable approaches. Tessé’s approach is culturally sensitive, interactive and brings out the potential of the group to solve its problems.
Anita Rigler of The Sheiling Trust says:
“Tessé’s delivery is flexible, considers diversity and achieves the objectives. Resources are clear and easy to read. There is clear evidence of research and opportunities are created to learn experientially. Tessé has a clear grasp of her subject and motivates and encourages participants. She is able to offer constructive challenge through pertinent questions and support others through positive feedback on their contributions.”

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